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Power Points

The PowerPoints (PPTs) have been designed for farmer meetings or workshops to highlight the importance of a properly designed veterinary parasite control plan. The PPTs have a high visual content and are ready to use although they can be modified as required.

The value of having a veterinary parasite control plan. These PPTs deal with the benefits of having a veterinary parasite control plan and how to use it:

There are several PPTs on specific parasitic diseases which can be used for farmer meetings on a seasonally relevant condition. The variety of PPTs available allow for several or regular farmer meetings to be held through the year. This also allows for the veterinary PCPs to be continuously promoted to farmers. More PPTs are under development.


  • Fluke


  • Fluke
  • Nematodirosis
  • Scab

Parasite Forecasts & Alerts

Month Forecast Alerts
January Parasite Forecast  Chronic Fluke
February  Parasite Forecast   
March  Parasite Forecast   
April Parasite Forecast  Nematodirus & Blowfly
May  Parasite Forecast  Nematodirus & Blowfly
June Parasite Forecast  Blowfly
July Parasite Forecast  Acute Fluke (provisional) & Blowfly
August Parasite Forecast  Acute Fluke & Blowfly
September Parasite Forecast  Acute Fluke & Blowfly
October  Parasite Forecast  Chronic Fluke
November Parasite Forecast  Chronic Fluke
December  Parasite Forecast  Chronic Fluke


Remember to discuss the health plans with your clients.


Regional Contacts


Rebecca Vallis BVetMed MRCVS
Veterinary Advisor – South West and South England

Veterinary Advisor – Scotland

Sharon Wainwright BVetMed BSc MRCVS
Veterinary Advisor – South Wales & Midlands

Phoebe McCarter BVSC MRCVS
Veterinary Advisor – North England