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Each month you will be sent a parasite forecast or disease alert (see Forecasts and Alerts Schedule), which will be automatically personalised with the practice logo and name. You can then forward it to the farmers you have selected in the farmers directory if appropriate.

The annual subscription package will include:

12 months local parasite forecast based on up to 3 x adjacent 40km2 grid squares your farmers are located in. The parasite forecast highlights parasite risk throughout the year, and complements the parasite control plans.

Sheep parasite control planners - you will be sent a pack of 10 - 20 sheep planners depending on subscription level

Cattle parasite control planners - you will be sent a pack of 10 - 20 cattle planners depending on subscription level

PowerPoints - you will be sent PowerPoints for farmer meetings/workshops - how to use the sheep, beef and dairy planners. There will also be PowerPoints on other parasite topics that you might like to include in the meeting depending on the time of year, e.g. nematodirosis, cattle and sheep fluke, blowfly, scab etc. to make parasite education easy! All PowerPoints have a full range of clinical images and are ready to go! Click here for more information.

Veterinary webinars - Prof Mike Taylor will present 4 webinars at strategic times during the year to provide advice to vets on providing veterinary parasite control plans. These webinars will be interactive so questions from participating vets can be answered.

On going support – Your account managers – all experienced “active” health planning vets with in-depth knowledge of parasite control plans are on hand to provide on-going support to participating veterinary practices.

CPD - Each webinar provides at least 1 hour CPD (total 4 hours minimum) which will be certified to named vets. Vets presenting farmer meeting will qualify for CPD hours.


  • 1-3 farm vets (10 sheep and 10 cattle planners) - £425 + VAT
  • 4-6 farm vets (15 sheep and 15 cattle planners) - £525 + VAT
  • 7+ farm vets (20 sheep and 20 cattle planners) - £625 + VAT

Additional Options:

Additional adjacent squares £75 + VAT
Additional sheep packs (10) £90 + VAT
Additional cattle packs (10) £90 + VAT

Consultation: Professor Mike Taylor can also provide an individual consultation services for practices if required

The parasite control plans have been designed to help you promote active veterinary parasite control planning to your farmers, or if a farmer already has a veterinary health plan, the parasite control planners can be used as a visual aid to ensure the correct treatments are used at the right times. They will also enable you to promote services your practice provide i.e. faecal egg counts and facilitates the supply of treatments.

If you would like to subscribe please complete this order form. If you would like more information please contact your regional veterinary advisor. 

Parasite Forecasts & Alerts

Month Subject Category
January Parasite Forecast (summary)  Cattle & Sheep
February  Parasite Forecast (summary)  Sheep
March  Parasite Forecast (summary)  Sheep

April (Risk Forecast)

Nematodirus forecast, signs, treatment  Sheep
May  Parasite Forecast (summary)  Cattle & Sheep

June (Risk Forecast)

Blow fly strike (still under discussion)  Sheep
July Parasite Forecast (summary)  Cattle

August (Risk Forecast)

Acute Fluke  Sheep
September Quarantine treatments  Sheep
October  PGE Housing Doses  Cattle

November (Risk Forecast) 

Chronic Fluke  Cattle & Sheep
December  Parasite Forecast (summary)  Sheep


Disease Alerts (to be used by practices for selected farmers as required)


  • Scab
  • Lice
  • Blowfly
  • ticks
  • Fluke control
  • PGE
  • Nematodirus
  • Coccidiosis
  • PGE store lambs
  • Lambing treatments
  • Quarantine treatments


  • Lice
  • Mites
  • Flies
  • PGE control
  • Lungworm control
  • Fluke control
  • Coccidiosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Babesiosis

Regional Contacts


Rebecca Vallis BVetMed MRCVS
Veterinary Advisor – South West and South England

Veterinary Advisor – Scotland

Kristy Hughes BVSc CertSHP BSc MRCVS
Veterinary Advisor – North England

Sharon Wainwright BVetMed BSc MRCVS
Veterinary Advisor – Wales and Midlands